Carl Frampton v Scott Quigg

I am not a huge fan of the sport…however, Boxing, is the focus of my blog this week as Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg took to the ring in an eagerly anticipated fight.

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The long awaited fight somewhat disappointed me.

Despite not knowing an awful lot about boxing…apart from, they’re in a ring…and, they hit each other brutally, I knew that I wasn’t being entertained. In fact, what was built up to be “One of the best bouts in British boxing history” according to fight promoter Eddie Herne, turned out to be a big let down for boxing fans in general.

Frampton, 29, from Belfast in the end beat Scott Quigg via a split decision to win the WBA super-bantamweight title, in addition to the IBF title he already owned.

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The Northern Irishman completely dominated the first half of the fight as he handed his opponent from Bury his first defeat in a whopping 35 fights- a record stretching back to 2007.

27-year-old Quigg appeared to be having trouble finding his range and therefore struggled to gain any rhythm which ultimately lost him the fight.

Frampton asserted his dominant start by managing to break Quigg’s jaw in only the fourth round. This did seem to hold Quigg back from committing himself to the fight in the rounds to follow. However, he did bravely continue and did start to land a good few punches to the head of Frampton.

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Ouch- remind me not to take up boxing

After Frampton claimed the first six rounds, Quigg managed to stage a small comeback by winning the last five. He finally started to take a few noticeable risks in the seventh and eighth rounds by displaying a couple of big right hands and powerful uppercut.

The highlights of the spectacle really came in the tenth round though as both men opened each other up properly for the first time with blows to the head and body.

However, in the end, Frampton was awarded a split decision victory as two judges scored it 115-113 for Quigg, while two others scored it 116-112 in Frampton’s favour.

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Frampton took the chance at the end of the fight to thank his support from the crowd in Manchester. He also added: “I knew it was going to be a boring fight- I had to sell it for TV.”

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